Saturday, December 5, 2009

Parking Areas Now Prime Locations for Solar and Wind Installations

A trend is just starting to appear that is likely to dramatically change the way malls, park and rides, and building with large parking areas get their energy. New technology has just been created that allows for the capture of solar and wind energy by covering parking areas with structures on which solar modules and wind turbines can be mounted.

“This is a major step forward in harnessing a much larger area for available renewable energy from a previously ignored resource” says ENERGIME Business

Development Director Jacob Segerhammar. “These structures will revolutionize the use or parking areas to allow for the co-production of great quantities of energy, plug-in re-charge points for future electric vehicles, and the ability to turn previously vacant areas into income producers.

Energime will be a leader in the development of untapped resources. We already work with the major manufacturers of solar powered street lights and power pole mounted wind turbine systems. This will just be another tool to add to our ability to provide cost-effective energy management solutions for our commercial clients.”

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