Sunday, December 6, 2009

ENERGIME Joins United Synergy Consortium

ENERGIME Renewable Energy Systems has joined the United Synergy Consortium which has been created to promote sustainable energy management and agricultural development worldwide. ENERGIME will partner with over 50 cutting edge technology companies whose stated goal is to reduce the world’s carbon footprint and the creation of a sustainable, worldwide agricultural network.

Synergy International, the lead company in this joint effort is a world leader in the diverse areas of sustainable development. These include solar, wind turbine, ground geo-thermal, heat exchange, waste stream, sustainable agriculture, and biomass processing technologies.

This effort is the brain child of former NASA scientist and sustainable development pioneer Professor Reinhold Ziegler. Professor Ziegler notes, “Sustainable growth requires a balance and coordinated application of many complimentary technologies and practices. The member companies and technology developers who are part of the consortium are for the most part, the original developers and designers of these newer technologies and concepts, and have been at it for more than 35 years.”

The goal of ENERGIME is to promote the most efficient, rapid distribution of these sorely needed solutions. Bill Sosinsky, ENERGIME CEO, says, “You cannot bake a cake using one ingredient. This cooperative ventures gives us direct access to every major technology needed to create a balanced solution. Sustainable energy management requires a combination of efficiency, conservation, and renewable energy applications. We look at the complete client profile to design the most cost effective, environmentally sound solution for our client’s individual needs. ENERGIME provides a complete range of services including energy audits and site evaluations, consulting, renewable energy systems design, architectural integration, and technology specification and acquisition. We also manage the installation and provide maintenance services for all our residential and business clients.”

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