Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Grow Green Power Plans to Feed (and Power) the World

“Grow Green Power is going to change the world!” It is hard to curb his enthusiasm when Reinhold Ziegler talks about the potential of this new technology platform. GGP brings together high volume organic food production with the ability to generate huge quantities of renewable energy. Using the revolutionary Aeroponic food growth system, these facilities can produce up to 20 times the quantity of a conventional farm while utilizing a fraction of the water.

“Water conservation will be a key reason as to why this platform will develop into a core technology during the 21st century. GGP can be custom designed to serve almost every local issue dealing with sustainable growth while having virtually zero negative impact on its’ surrounding ecosystem”.

Professor Ziegler who has long been a visionary in comprehensive sustainable solutions and the development of “living machines” sees limitless possibilities. “Within the scope of this platform we can marry a host of solutions and technologies, including, waste management, recycling, gasification and methane digestion, as well as protein production from fish and poultry farming.

The ability to construct Grow Green Facilities with a variety of technologies allows for maximizing space production, while allowing each technology to act as a support and feeder source for the other technologies at the site. The carbon from the waste stream and the nitrogen from the fish and poultry effluent serve as great nutrient sources for the agriculture. Solar photovoltaic panels, solar collectors, wind turbines, and gasification and waste burning cogeneration supply the energy for the efficient LED grow lights and surrounding communities. The plant and organic waste off-gas methane as they break down, and combined with bio-char from the closed system burning, we can create a super nutrient infused soil to grow healthier fruits and vegetables. This platform has the potential to solve a major problem by becoming a dependable world wide food source. This is particularly true in the developing world and areas ravaged by drought, however, with global climate patterns changing rapidly, this may be the way the world needs to raise food in the future”.


  1. I also love the idea of new inventions from Europe and cooperation plans for agriculture, feeding and a whole new planting industry. I think it alot of USA states, titles and bills to congress against fracking would also be helpful.

  2. MSB eUniversity 7500 Heads Dairy Village Hybrid Power Organic Food Industrial Parks in Karachi, Mumbai and Windom Texas will demonstrate the the Energime Grow Green Power Technologies.. We will appreciate Dr Ziegler to schedule MSB eUniversity in his calender to launch MSB eUniversity EMBA/PhD in Entrepreneurship powered Dairy Villages in Mumbai & Windom Texas to train the Human Asset to duplicate the project in Pakistan and Africa - DrMufaddal52 at Skype

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