Monday, January 4, 2010

Energime Begins National Rollout

ENERGIME Renewable Energy Systems will be opening satellite operations across the U.S. this fall. Initial plans call for 2 pilot offices in New York, and St. Louis, with sales integration efforts going forward in Hawaii, Maryland, Los Angeles, Oregon and Idaho.

This rollout is the first step in a more general expansion that will reach into every region of North America by the fall of 2011. For now all teaching and training will be handled via the web until each new region is fully integrated into the Energime family. Energime will coordinate all engineering and design work from their central offices in Everett Washington, while providing logistical, estimating, and networking support as each market is developed.

The St. Louis office under the stewardship of Midwest Regional Director Tom Terrio will oversee Energime developments in an area bordered by Omaha to the west, Michigan and Indiana to the north and east, and Kentucky to the south. “We see many opportunities for setting up manufacturing operations with the huge amount of commercial plants and corporate sites that have been virtually abandoned during the recent economic shakeout. There is a real need to get workers trained and employed in this new green economy and we expect the state governments to be very cooperative in terms of their support” said Terrio.

“We will be paying special attention to Omaha and the state of Michigan as part of our new strategic expansion”.

What is clear is that the range of technologies and services that will be in most demand are likely to vary greatly with each region. This is a direct reflection of the environmental climate as well as the local incentives and legislative support. Farming is a major opportunity in the Midwest, solar and wind will be top items in diesel dependent Hawaii, and with state incentives at $3,50 a watt in New York, everything is on the table.

Negotiations and potential partnering discussions have been underway for what will be Energime’s eventual overseas expansion. Those moves will be restricted to consulting and design for long term projects as the company matures and logistical support becomes available.

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